Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Yours truly is a professional parliamentarian and the author of Robert’s Rules for Dummies, now in its third edition. I’ve been a student of parliamentary law and procedure since 1989, earning credentials as a registered parliamentarian in 1995, and completing professional training in 1996. My interest in parliamentary procedure goes back to the days I was in the fifth grade. More on that story here.

I maintain a comfortable workload serving parliamentary clients in local, state, and national organizations, where I work with members, officers, executive boards, and committees, providing customized training and coaching in effective meeting management and member participation.

I’ve a particular interest in bylaws, and enjoy assisting organizers in developing new bylaws and working with existing organizations in their bylaw revisions. My services include general consultations, meeting planning, scripting presiding officers, serving as a meeting parliamentarian, writing parliamentary opinions, serving as an expert witness in court, and serving as an impartial presiding officer.

When I am not actively serving as a parliamentarian or working with the officers and members of my client organizations, I am consulting. Usually, the consulting is centered around questions about parliamentary procedure or organizational governance.

In another realm, I consult on matters related to the office of notary public in Louisiana. (The role of the notary in Louisiana is considerably different than that of the notary public in the other 49 states. For a quick elaboration on that difference, click here.) In that connection, I’m author of another work, Fundamentals of Louisiana Notarial Law and Practice, which I update annually.

To the extent I am willing and able—provided that I am not otherwise busy managing a couple of employees and a few dogs and cats—I am available to serve as a consultant to anybody who wants to know what I know about anything I know something about. Unfortunately, I get paid only for the parliamentarian and notary consultations. Everything else is, well, it’s just free advice. You know what they say about that.

If you want to read more about me, and how I wound up doing what I do, click here.

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Otherwise, please take advantage of whatever you might find helpful on this website.