Are you one of those people who sees meetings as a wonderful and personally fulfilling activity that you look forward to with great anticipation?

If you are, you probably won’t need this book.

–C. Alan Jennings, PRP
Robert’s Rules for Dummies

Truth is, I haven’t met many folks who love meetings and can’t wait for the next one. But I have met plenty of people who dread meetings and attend them only because they’re afraid of what might happen if they’re absent.

Attitudes like this develop most frequently when nobody in an organization (especially the presiding officer) really knows how a good meeting should be run.

Lucky for you, I’ve found a remedy for anti-meeting attitudes. Try out a well-run meeting conducted by a presiding officer who takes the time to learn and use the principles of parliamentary procedure in Robert’s Rules. It really does work wonders!

Get your copy of Robert’s Rules for Dummies today and work some wonders in your meetings!